X8 Belt Linisher 2" X 48" (Swivel)/Disc sander/Polishing Machine With Pedestal Stand

Extra Machinery

SKU: K3002

Industrial linisher 50 x 1220mm (Denmark Designed) 

(some photos of 50x915mm are used)

Solid one piece hub drive wheel with 175mm disc

175mm disc sander with hook & loop back sticker

Include mitre table fore disc sander

Quick cam for changing belt within seconds

Quick belt track adjustment bolt with lock nut

Heavy double yokes to support the front rubber wheel

Box section table for flat grinding with good rigidity

200mm calico stitched polishing wheel with taper spindle

2880rpm spindle speed

Cast iron body and base for good rigidity

Rubber feet to avoid vibration

True 1HP (750W) motor power

Dust proof switch

Heavy fabricated pedestal stand

Horizontal working or vertical ( Swivel 0-360 degree)