S4014 Bead Roller Hem & Tipping Roller Dies Sets 6pcs/3sets to suit bead roller 22mm or 7/8" Shaft

Extra Machinery Pty Ltd

SKU: S4014

Hem Bead Roller Sets

Suits MB-360, EB-450 EB-500, EB-700 AND EB-940 & EB-680, and Most  Bead Rollers with 22mm shafts


Hemming Operation

1st Step: Use Dies H1A & H1B  to start to creating a hemmed edge.
Dies have a integrated guide to keep a consistent edge

2nd step: Use Dies H2A & H2B to continue creating a hemmed edge.
These dies takes the tipped edge made from the step 1 die and folds the edge to 140 degrees

3rd step: Use Set H3A & H3B  to fold the edge flat to create a nice even finish.

Tipping Operation
H2A and H3A can be used for tipping operation. 

  • 3 x roller sets made from steel & Hardened up to 40 HRC, black oxide coating to avoid any rust and for a long life
  • 1 x 90º male step die
  • 1 x 90º female step die
  • 1 x 140º male step die
  • 1 x 140º female step die
  • 1 x flat male step die
  • 1 x flat female step die