Dulex Package Wood Lathe Chuck 3.75" Self Centering Scroll W/12 types of jaws

Extra Machinery Pty Ltd

SKU: W4000

This deluxe wood chuck package includes a scroll chuck with 12 types jaws for small or big jobs.

(47mm Dovetail Jaw, 90mm Dovetail Jaw, 125mm Dovetail Jaw, 100mm Power Grip Jaw,  85mm Step Jaw,  Mini Step Jaw, 25mm Pin Jaw, 200mm Bowel Jaw, 45mm Spigot Jaw, 24mm Pen Jaw, Long Nose Jaw, Shark Nose Jaw)

to provide a variety of clamping needs for your wood turning projects.

Designed in Australia, High precision

4 Jaw self centering scroll chuck, all jaws move together

Grip Internally and externally

Supply one wood screw

Indexing back plate

Thread to fit the insert is M40x2.0mm


Include insert M30X3.5 or M33 x 3.5