BS-712R Metal Cutting Band Saw -Swivel Head Bow 45 Degree

Extra Machinery Pty Ltd

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Our metal bandsaws are made by the biggest manufacturer in the world, which OEM for Mac, Femi and many other top brands.   Quality casting parts,  CNC machined parts guarantee modular assembling and high quality of the complete machines.   

  • 178mm diameter round capacity
  • 210 x 178mm (W x H) rectangular capacity
  • Mitre cutting up to 45º  with swivelling head bow

  • Hydraulic down feed with adjustable feed rate suitable for multi-applications
  • Auto cutting stop with a limit switch
  • Quick material clamping lever
  • Material length stop is adjustable for repeat cutting  
  • Built in coolant system with flow control valve
  • 0.75KW (1HP) 240V Single Phase Motor With 10amp 3-pin plug
  • Blade guide rollers are adjustable
  • Wire wheel brush is fitted to clean blade at cutting
  • 4 steps of belt pulley provides 4 cutting speed 22-34-49-64MPM
  • Moves on wheels for portability.