Bench grinder EX8 WIRE WHEEL /Belt Linisher 50 x 915mm (Swivel)/Disc sander

Extra Machinery

SKU: G1697BP

Extreme Industrial bench grinder

Designed in USA and Sold well in USA over 40 years.

OEM productions for Australia & New Zealand for over 20 years!

AUTHENTIC Factory direct supply to Australia now! 

Built-in fan inside for good cooling at contineous running

With working light, wheel dresser & oil/water tray

Wide eye shield with magnify glass

Heavy adjustable tool rest

200mm WIRE wheel

Wide wheel guard to fit wire wheel

2880rpm spindle speed

Cast  body and base for good rigidity

Rubber feet to avoid vibration

True 1HP (750W) motor power

Denmark Designed 50x 915mm linisher (Swivel 0-360 degree)

175mm disc sander with hook & loop back sticker

Mitre table is included as standard

NVR switch provides more safety

Quick cam changing belt at seconds

Easy adjustment of belt tracking with lock but

Double yoke support of rubber contact wheel

Heavy fabricated Pedestal stand including water tray

Tool rest or Stop Fence (L0914) is optional for linisher