EW-450 English Wheel 1.2mm Capacity 450mm-Throat W/7 Anvils

Extra Machinery Pty Ltd

SKU: S645E

EW-450 English Wheel

English wheel is designed to form smooth curves from flat sheets of metal. They are mainly used in car, motorcycle, aviation and racing car construction or restoration where sheet metal panels need to have compound curves formed.

  • Heavy duty Bill Structure W/ 8mm thick side plates
  • Strengthened Head Frame Ensure 1.2mm Capacity  
  • Bench Mounted or Clamped By Bench Vice. Easy Storage After Use.
  • 450mm throat depth
  • 1.2mm Capacity Mild Steel
  • Top Roller Wheel and Bottom Anvils are Hardened For Long Life
  • Top Roller Wheel Ø146 x 25.4mm wide, Easy to Approach An Edeg Of Small or Narrow Jobs
  • Upper wheel
  • Both Upper Wheel & Bottom Anvils can be used in 90 degree directions.
  • 7 lower anvils (all 24.5mm wide) in the following radius:
    12.7mm (1/2")
    25.4mm (1")
    38.1mm (1-1/2")
    63.5mm (2-1/2")
    127.0mm (5“)
    228.60mm (9")
    304.80mm (12")