Hem Roller Dies For Bead Roller Suit 610 and 1070 Bead Roller

Extra Machinery Pty Ltd

SKU: F6339E


3 Pair of Rollers made from Alloy Steel & Hardened to 45 HRC; 
20mm Bore with 6mm key way to suit 610 and 1070mm Bead Roller


  • 1 x 90º top die
  • 1 x 90º bottom V die
  • 1 x 140º top die
  • 1 x 140º bottom V die
  • 2 x flat  dies

Hem Roll Set Step 1
The first step to creating a hemmed Edge
Has an integrated guide to keep a consistent edge

Hem Roll Set Step 2
This die is the second step of creating a hemmed edge
This die takes the tipped edge made from the step 1 die and folds the edge to 140 degrees

Hem Roll Set Step 3
These dies fold the hemmed edge to create a nice finished look