S4017 Flat Bead Roller Dies Sets 8pcs/4sets to suit bead roller 22mm or 7/8" Shaft

Extra Machinery Pty Ltd

SKU: S4017

Flat Bead Roller Sets

Suits MB-360, EB-450 & EB-680, and Most  Bead Rollers with 22mm shafts
  • 4 x roller sets made from steel & Hardened up to 40 HRC, black oxide coating to avoid any rust and for a long life
  • 1  set x 19mm (3/4") (groove width)  flat bead;   
  • 1  set x 15mm (5/8") (groove width) flat bead; 
  • 1  set x 12.7mm (1/2") (groove width) flat bead  
  • 1  set x 9mm(3/8) (groove width) flat bead;