HK-45 Section & Pipe Bending Machine

Extra Machinery Pty Ltd

SKU: S630

HK-45- Section & Pipe Bending Machine

240V-50HZ, Single Phase,  10Amp Plug,  Variable speed control
  • Rolls are hardened
  • Two rollers drive for better drive power 
  • 50mm hardened and ground shafts
  • Manual bending roller moves up/down 
  • Use in horizontal or vertical working station
  • Foot pedal control with emergency stop
  • Adjustable Side Guiding Rollers
  • Gear driven by motor & gear reduction box
  • Standard rolls and guiding rolls are included
  • Set of standard rolls for bending various kinds of profiles
  • Special rolls for tube and NB pipe are available for option.
    NB 25 (33.70mm OD),  NB 32 (42.40mm OD),  NB 40 (48.30mm OD)
    NB 50 (60.03mm OD)
    TUBE 31.70mm OD, TUBE 51.0mm OD
  • * means need special roller dies
Driven Rolls  2
Top Bending Roll Adjustment Type Manual 
Roll Diameter 155mm
Flat Bar Edging Capacity (mm)- MS (size / Ø) 60 x 10mm / 500mm
Flat Bar Capacity (mm) - MS (size / Ø) 100 x 15mm / 450mm
Square Bar Solid Capacity (- MS (size / Ø) 35 x 35mm / 900mm
Rectangle Tube Capacity - MS (size / Ø) 50 x 40 x 3mm / 1200mm*
Square Tube Capacity - MS (size / Ø) 50 x 50 x 3mm / 1700mm*
Round Bar Solid Capacity - MS (size / Ø) Ø35mm / 600mm*
Round Tube Capacity - MS (size / Ø) Ø70 x 2mm / 1000mm*
Round Pipe Capacity - MS (size / Ø) Ø2" x 2.9mm / 1000mm*
Angle Capacity - MS (size / Ø) 50 x 50 x 5mm / 1000mm*
Motor Power 1.5KW /2HP
Voltage/Frequency 240V-50HZ
Dimensions (L x W x H) 760 x 900 x 1550mm