Welding table 900 x 600mm W/40 pcs Clamping Kits & Pipe & Tube Notcher W/Hole Saw Set

Extra Machinery

SKU: W08600PXH

We deliver you a finished product,  not flat pack with loose parts.  Our table top is already welded in factory on a heavy table & proper jigs to guarantee good flatness.   Save your time, trouble or any potential risks of assembly or welding errors with loose parts  which may include defect parts such as warping plates and cutting defects.  Once you start welding of loose parts,  all faults will be yours, such as welding wrong spots or wrong welding sequences will cause irreparable loss. 

Table is welded in factory's heavy table.  Just mount legs and trays and you can use the table.  Save your time, trouble and risk to get a flat pack with loose parts and weld by yourself. 

Get Pipe & Tube Notcher, Welding Clamping Tools & Welding Table as one Package. 


Tab And Slot  Interlock Webbing Design (USA) . This Ensures The Good Flatness Of The Table, Avoids Flex At Clamping! 

 The Webbing Structure Likes Cast Iron 3D Weld Table,  Giving Supports To Table Top, Minimizing Flex.

No Webbing,  No Flatness. 

50 x 50 x 5mm angle steel legs for good sturdy and keep maximum use of table area to avoid any interference of clamp tools, instead of RHS which covers some area and some clamp tools can't be used


The Easiest To Assemble Welding Table Kit , Includes Tab And Slot  Interlock Design (USA) . This Ensures The Good Flatness Of The Table!   This Top Comes Professionally Assembled & Welded On The Factory's Heavy Table And Ready To Put To Use! You Only Need To Mount The Legs And The Bottom Trays.


900 x 600mm table top is the perfect solution for portable welding or confined spaces. Laser cut from 4.75mm (3/16″) A36 steel plate,  This kit includes the same standard 16mm (5/8″) holes as all of our welding tables, meaning you can use a wide range of clamping accessories. 

  • Ø16mm holes
  • 4.75mm thick plate
  • 50 x 50mm grid pattern
  • 900 x 600mm tabletop
  • 50 x 5mm Angle Steel Legs W/Adjustable heights
  • Tool Tray
  • Bottom Tray
  • 4 x Weld Clamps
  • 4 x Insert Stops
  • 4 x Positioning Bars
  • 8 x Round Material Rests
  • 4 x Spacers
  • 4 x Multi-Purpose Riser/Stops
  • 8 x Magnetic Rests
  • 4 x Threaded Adaptors

Constructed from solid steel, the easy to use pipe & tube notcher is built to perform accurate notches, time after time.

▶   Create notches in 3/4" to 3" Tube or Ø25 - Ø63.5mm OD pipes

▶   Adjustable up to 50 Degrees

▶   Accepts standard hole saws

▶   Works with any 1/2" drill

▶   Mounts in a vise or on a bench top

You can build anything from a Go Cart to a 3 In exhaust on your hotrod. Use any 1/2 In hand drill to power the  Notcher. Accepts all standard hole saws. Adjustable up to 50 degrees with the loosening of one bolt. Adjust to your desired angle with one hand and lock down the bearing block with your other. Easier adjustment than other designs on the market. Vise or bench top mounting.



(Type)MachinePipe & TubeNotcher Attachment(Type)Notching CutterHole Saw (Optional)(mm)Tube Capacity (OD) - Mild SteelØ25 - Ø63.5(inch / mm)Pipe Capacity (NB) - Mild SteelØ3"(Degree)Angle Adjustment0 - 50°((mm))Dimensions280 x 280 x 160(kg)Nett Weight9.1


HSS Hole Saw Set
Ø19 - Ø64mm
HSS M42 Bi-Metal Hole Saws Ø19, Ø22, Ø25, Ø32, Ø35, Ø38, Ø44, Ø51, Ø57, Ø64mm
Supplied in convenient blow mould case