XH-2 Plus 2 axis Digital Readout & 2 Linear Scales (920-170) for Lathe

Extra Machinery Pty Ltd

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1pc DRO Unit

1pc MK500-170mm

1pc MK300-920mm

1set Mounting arm and brackets 


Features of digital readout

For lathe or mill

2 axis display

Metric/Inch function

Absolute/incremental coordinate display

Middle-dividing function

Line or circle of holes function

Arc and angle cuts function

User defined datum points 

Linear error compensation

Clear zeroing function


Power off memory

Features of linear scales

5µm scale resolution

Double seals design for better protection.

100% laser calibration

Extruded aluminum scale body

3m connection cable with 9 pin plug connection

Japanese NSK bearings are used on the scale slides for high precision and long life

Includes covers and screw

Section size of MK-300 scale is 25 x 34mm
Travel length:  920mm

Section size of MK-500 scale is 18 x 20mm for small mounting space
Travel length: 170mm